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2016 Revenue Bills Summary April 2016
Forecast of Fuel Gross Receipts Tax for FY 2017 March 2016
Combined U.S. Taxes and Vermont State & Local Taxes as Shares of Household Income April 2015
The Growth of AGI in the Top AGI Categories April 2015
An Introduction to the ITEP and Pew Reports on Vermont Taxes and Incomes April 2015
Use of Administration 0.7% Payroll Tax February 2015
Minimum Wage Analysis March 2014
Minimum Wage Update February 2014
2010 Vermont Charitable Deductions Graph November 2013
Revenue Impacts Associated With Proposed Cigarette Tax Rate Changes April 2013
Federal Remote Sales Tax Legislation 2013 April 2013
General Fund Revenue Projection July 2012
Revenue Update -Budget Impact July 2012
Federal Remote Sales Tax Legislation December 2011
Health Care Revenues May 2011
Cigarette Tax Revenue Estimates March 2011
Veterans Property Tax Exemption January 2011
Tax Policy and Revenue Issues November 2010
Multistate Tax Comparisons November 2010
Vermont Estate Tax Update January 2010
Adopting a Bank of North Dakota Model in VT January 2010
Cancellation of Debt Income (CODI) May 2009
Tax Provisions of ARRA With A State Revenue Impact February 2009
Overview of Fuel Tax Issues January 2009
PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) Programs July 2007
Tax Foundation Testimony To Ways & Means December 2007
Vermont Yankee Issue Brief June 2007
Response To Tax Foundation Study of Per Capita Tax Burden April 2007
Taxation of Wind Generation Projects April 2007
Property Taxation of Trailer Coaches January 2006
Deductibility of State & Local Income Taxes March 2006
Qualified Production Activities Deduction February 2006
Tax vs. Fee Legal Distinction Memo July 1983

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